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new post

2010-04-06 17:45:58 by zeno911

because i can.


2009-12-11 02:07:28 by zeno911

YAY i made a art! woot

freaking mcawesome fly

2009-12-08 01:16:30 by zeno911

hay guys im makein waffles O_o want sume??

freaking mcawesome fly

OMG a new post

2009-11-17 05:31:40 by zeno911

hey guys just though id make a new post oh and i got MW2 my gamer tag is xxSMFxx69 and soo my pwnege on that begins so whats up with you guys?

check it

2009-09-11 00:36:34 by zeno911

check this cool flashers thats on the front page stomp on the ground if that link didnt link its cus its my first link in forever :P


2009-09-09 19:33:09 by zeno911



2009-08-23 03:07:01 by zeno911



2009-07-05 13:14:43 by zeno911

i think the medals are bringing in more people and that means some more awesome flash what your take on medals?


2009-06-28 13:21:26 by zeno911

why ARE all the stars dieing at 50?! HUH jesus crist!

partY TIME!!!!!!111

2009-06-25 18:29:31 by zeno911

YEAAAHHHH micheal jackson just died the world is finaly in peace